Updates to teachassist

The YRDSB Assessment & Evaluation Committee and teachassist are proud to announce that updates have been made to bring our practice and use of teachassist in line with Growing Success. All the features you are accustomed to with remain the same while a few improvements will enhance your professional judgement. Here's what new:

For those of you new to teachassist

You'll find your courses for this semester already assigned and populated for you in the left menu pane. Click on the course to see a list of the students in your course.

To assess and evaluate students, click on the Assessment tab for an individual course. Once there, start off by adding your units of study at the bottom of the page. Once a unit has been created, assessments for/as/of can be created and assigned to those units.

Please ensure that the category weightings are appropriate for your course. A pictorial representation will appear above the units and assignments.

Your students can view their progress in your course by going to the following website:


and use their student number and their last name initially as their credentials, or their board credentials. If you would like to restrict access to your course marks, you can click on the green circle next to the course code within the menu pane of teachassist and follow the instructions.

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at admin@teachassist.ca.

Have a great school year!

The teachassist team.